MCS contact layers

Permanently water-tight structures

Proper and professional roofer performance using high-quality construction materials. And yet, after completing the flat roof, the question is always ‘leakproof or not leakproof’. To answer this question it is necessary to use innovative test methods which provide safety and certainty as well as an impartial and independent status quo for all parties involved.

The past

In the past, it was common to flood the roof with water just like grandfather used to do it, if the roof pitch, size and load capacity of the roof allowed this, and then wait for ‘the drop’. The risk of a sealing package soaked with water was thus accepted despite the long-term repercussions.

The future

Those days are over! Nowadays, modern roofing companies, experts, developers and architects use precise measurement methods, such as HV SLD (High Voltage – Sensor Leak Detection) and LV SLD (Low Voltage – Sensor Leak Detection) method, which can directly and non-destructively detect and report the smallest hairline openings. To ensure that roof surfaces can be properly and physically tested, we recommend integrating a high-quality contact layer. Depending on the construction project and structure, contact layers from the brands PROTECTUM are installed and tested for proper function. All MCS programmes meet the requirements of the certified RPP (Roof Protection Plan).

MCS - Monitoring Control System

The Monitoring Control System from SLD is a highly reliable system for the pre-installation of sealing surfaces for full-surface integrity checks and the precise detection of any damages in the membrane.

  1. An extremely conductive and fire protection classed, configured special fleece is integrated into the flat roof’s sealing system when the roof-membrane is installed
  2. The roof is fully physically prepared for integrity testing or leak detection carried out with the SLD – Sensor Leak Detection method
  3. Very accurate leak detection with mobile diagnostic methods
  4. SLD-Europe certifies pre-fitted flat roofs with the Leak Detection Ready seal
Intelligent fleece

High-performance fleece of the fire protection class A2 for the pre-fitting of sealing surfaces for the complete sealing control as well as for the detection of sealing damage.

MCS contact layers

MCS contact layers are integrated into the flat roof’s sealing system when the non-conductive sealing is installed.

High-quality contact layer

Depending on the construction project and structure, contact layers from the brand PROTECTUM are installed and tested for proper function

Video MCS contact layers

Always one step ahead

To meet the versatile and property-specific requirements for your flat-roof sealing, we support you in planning your roof, taking into account the envisaged construction products and materials as well as the individual characteristics.

Planning, advice, design and provision of services

Our certified architects and planners create property-related concepts for the monitoring of your building sealing and assume responsibility for the associated design planning. We provide tender recommendations and determine the costs and the effort required for the individually prepared RPP monitoring concept. Of course, we also support your sealing company during the construction phase and accompany it during the entire construction period.

  • Roof inspection and restoration recommendations
  • Concept for monitoring your building sealing
  • Individual cost calculation
  • Tender recommendation for new buildings and restoration
  • Detail- and design planning
  • Tiling instructor for sealing companies
  • Construction and quality monitoring

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