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Weak point no. 1 on the property: the flat roof!

Mechanical influences of weather and climate as well as technical defects in workmanship lead over time to ‘little’ leaks on the flat roof, which can spread rapidly over the entire surface. That ranks flat roofs among the most heavily stressed building parts. Cracks and damaged areas are usually very difficult to detect. Water entry points can also rarely be optically pinpointed, and the actual damaged areas usually lie at a vast distance from the visible dripping and damp spots.

Increase service life

Professional leak detection of SLD avoids high-cost restoration work and extends the service life of your flat roofs.

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SLD technology

The roof leak detection is based on three fully developed measurement methods, which, depending on the task (for example, large surface, partial surface or selective detection), are used as variants of the impulse current method. The innovative measurement methods and the intensive training and continuing education of all SLD employees give a more rapid and precise result than all conventional procedures on the market in each case.

Our SLD technicians track all leaks and potential weak points with pinpoint accuracy. The damaged areas are also documented in a detailed test and measurement report and presented in drawings and in photographs as a visual work plan. On this basis, the specialist company can initiate the cost-saving repair of the damaged areas immediately.

Dry detection method image

Wet detection method

Dry detection method image

Dry detection method

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Spot and seam testing

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